“Health and Social Care has been one of the best courses and it has changed my mindset on education tremendously. The teachers are very motivating and this is one of the reasons I enjoy doing the course.”

Sudanya DuhaneyHealth and Social Care Extended Diploma

“The staff and teachers are very supportive and empowering. My teachers have always pushed me to thrive for greatness and challenge myself, they have been very helpful with University and job applications. Volunteering was a massive eye opener and great educational opportunity. The Health Promotion campaign was also an amazing initiative to be a part of; it was great to give back to the New College community. I am going to Kings College London University to study BSc Childrens Nursing. I hope to work in Paediatric Intensive Care”.

Maya MomiBTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care

“I like the step up in independence that New College gives you compared to secondary school. I also love the amount of opportunities there are to join other initiatives such as: NC Ambassadors, sports clubs and volunteering within the Harbour Project. I’ve been involved with the New College Ambassadors, which has helped me become more confident and develop leadership skills.” – Currently studying for a degree in Criminology and Psychology at Swansea University

Lucy TitcombeA Levels in Biology and Psychology

“The course itself opens doors to not only the public Service sectors, but other avenues such as national security, government and maybe lead to links such as international relations”

Stephanie SmallPublic and Emergency Services HND

“I liked the sports facilities as they were large enough for our practical sessions. The College allowed me time off for tennis tournaments and I was given extra time to catch up on College work.” – Currently studying at the University of Iowa, USA on a tennis scholarship

Sophie ClarkBTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport

“I like the fact that my course has a great deal of practical sessions, but there’s also written elements too. I’ve had the opportunity to practise what I’ve learned and was involved in a sports project, working with children with disabilities.”

Jasmine StanleyLevel 2 Sport

“My sixth form didn’t offer the type of course that I wanted, so New College was a great choice for me. There’s a lot more freedom, opportunity and independence here. I had the chance to get involved in extra activities, including a sport coaching workshop from Swindon Borough Council. After College I would like to become a personal trainer and one day own my own gym.”

Eli RidgewayLevel 3 Sport

“I like the respect you receive at New College. The Army week away was character building and taking the lead on other course trips helped improve my confidence.”

Stephanie SmallLevel 3 Public Services

“I would definitely recommend New College to anyone. Through my lecturer I had the opportunity to gain work experience with a football coaching company, which led to part-time work. After I finish my studies I plan to work in the sports industry and possibly go into personal training and sports massage.”

Cory FrancomeBTEC Level 3 Sport as part of his study programme

“I chose New College because it is the only College in Wiltshire that allows students over the age of 19 to take A Levels. I am very impressed that the French A Level course is accompanied by lessons with a speaking assistant as this gives the French students a significant advantage in exams.”

Anna GilbertA Level French as part of her study programme